UC-1000 Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The new UC-1000 integrates within your urinalysis workflow in many ways. Whether you are looking for a backup for your UC-3500 fully automated system or require a smaller system for processing individual test strip order requests, UC-1000 is equally well suited. You can set it up stand-alone or integrated into your UN-Series solution.


You can choose between different test strips for the UC-1000: strips with 10 or 12 test pads, which can also be read manually thanks to the colour chart on the bottle.

UC-1000’s technology helps to minimize adverse influences on the measurement process and produce consistent results. This is accomplished by capturing and scanning images of the test strips, from which the reflectivity analysis is performed.

Last but not least, UC-1000 includes a complete online training, so you can get everyone trained right away – no need to wait for on-site visits. And its integrated certification function helps you fulfil the documentation demands of accreditation.

Basic specifications:
Technology Multi-wavelength reflectance photometry with CMOS camera
Test strip parameters:


pH, SG, GLU, PRO, BLD, URO, KET, BIL, NIT, LEU, CRE (Meditape UC-12S only), ALB (Meditape UC-12S only)
System parameters:


ALB/CRE ratio (Meditape UC-12S only)

PRO/CRE ratio (Meditape UC-12S only)

Measurement principle Test strips are fed from the loader to the photo detection unit, where four slightly overlapping images are taken of the test strip, using white LED light and a CMOS camera. A single complete image of the whole test strip is then composed. From this, reflectivity analysis of the test pads is performed.
Reagents Test strips:

·         Meditape UC-10S

·         Meditape UC-12S

Throughput Max. 480 samples/h