HISCL-Series Fully Automated Immunology Analyzer

HISCL-Series (HISCL-800, HISCL-5000) is a fully automated Immunoassay analyzer with a throughput of 100/200 tests per hour. The incubation time for each parameter is 17 minute and allows each laboratory to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


HISCL-Series is suitable for mid-range and high-end facilities that are working to enhance patient services and make their laboratories more efficient and provide higher added value.

  • Required sample volume: 10-30ul (depending on parameters)
  • 21 inch touch screen monitor
  • Continuous reagent loading with no pause during testing
  • STAT function allows immediate analysis of emergency samples
  • Latest software and hardware to allow reliable and automated reagents management system
  • Long on-board reagent open stability and different packaging sizes will help to minimize reagents wastage
Basic specifications:
Detection principles clotting, chromogenic, immuno-turbidimetric
Throughput HISCL-800: 100 tests per hour

HISCL-5000: 200 test per hour

Wavelengths 405 nm, 575 nm, 660 nm, 800 nm
Testing parameter HBs antigen, HBs antibody, HBc antibody, HBe antigen, HBe antibody, HCV antibody, HCV-Gr, TP antibody, antigen-antibody, HIV-antibody, AFP, CEA, PSA, CA19-9, CA125, TSH, FT3, FT4, M2BPGi, PIVKA II

(Sysmex Network Communication Systems)

SNCS is a service that enables customers to connect their analytical equipment to the Sysmex Technical Support Center via the Internet, providing real-time external quality control, online support, Web-based information delivery, and precision management and automatic monitoring. The real-time support will contribute to construction of more comfortable and safer use environment for customers.