Pharmaceutical import and wholesale is one of the key future growth sector as healthcare sector evolves as fast as any other sector to ensure treatment of fatal diseases.

Yuskin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. manufactures medicated skin care products. The company was founded in 1955 and is based in Kawasaki, Japan. Yuskin is a famous Japanese skincare brand that focuses on different types of skins. You can find skincare product from dry to sensitive skin products. The products use natural ingredients so the skin is not harmed with harsh chemicals. 

To meet the people’s need for a “healthy, safe, and comfortable livelihood”, we will concentrate and specialize in creating new medicinal products and formulations based on transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS), the core of our competitive strength. Since 2016, we are distributing Salonpas, one of the most widely used pain relief patches in Japan and many other countries.

Dr. Tamura developed ichijiku Brand Light Enema, later known as ichijiku Enema®, after 8 years of research. Initially the enemas were sold in celluloid containers, but from 1953 until now, polyethylene containers with almost the same design as the original have been used instead.

Established in the name of “Sekkodo” by Ohta Nobuyoshi (the first) atNihonbashi-ku, Tokyo City on June 8, 1879, commencing sales of gastrointestinal medicine “Ohta Isan”. “Ohta Isan” is an aromatic stomachic and digestive having been manufactured and distributed since establishment.Currently available in a series of products available in the forms of powder,tablet, and drink.