CA-104 Semi-automated coagulation analyzer

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The instrument incubates and mixes sample and reagent automatically and indicates when to add starting reagent. The auto-start function automatically detects when reagent is added (pipetting is done manually) and triggers mixing and clot detection. This procedure requires only little manual intervention, is easy to perform and ensures consistent, high quality results so you can focus further on standardisation in your lab.


Running analyses on the CA-104 is simple, but you can perform other tasks easily and safely too. You can load method-specific data and parameters into the analyser via a pre-programmed ChipCARD, which is read by the integrated ChipCARD reader. This reduces the risk for errors significantly. During measurement, recorded data such as results, reaction curves and patient data can be saved to an SD-card via the integrated SD-card interface.

Basic specifications:
Technologies –       Mechanical clot focusing system

–       Optical clot sensing system

Parameters PT, APTT, TT, Fbg, Intrinsic factors, Extrinsic factors, and some special clotting assays under evaluation. (Fbg: MU available, Dade Thrombin under review)