CS-2400/2500 Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer

All our CS-series instruments consolidate and automate a wide range of haemostasis tests in a single analyser – both routine and specialty testing – and use the latest multi-wavelength technology with rapid throughput.

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The CS-2400 (open tube) and the CS-2500 (with cap piercing) analysers feature pre-analytic sample checks and four detection methods simultaneously on a single platform – coagulation end-point, chromogenic kinetic analysis, turbidimetric immunoassay and automated platelet aggregation. They deliver up to 60 selectable parameters, making them particularly versatile and suitable for multi-functional laboratories with demanding diagnostic needs.

Basic specifications:  
Models CS-2400 (open model), CS-2500 (cap-piercing model)  
Detection principles clotting, chromogenic, immunologic, aggregation  
Throughput up to 180 tests / h (PT)  
Wavelengths 340 nm, 405 nm, 575 nm, 660 nm, 800 nm  
HIL check available per assay  
Sample volume check available  
Sample tube loading capacity 50 tubes  
Detector wells 10 (4 for aggregometry)  
Incubator wells 10 positions  
Simultaneously available assays 60 assays  
Reagent positions 40 positions for reagents / controls / plasma, 5 positions for buffers  
Reagent cooling unit temperature 10 °C  
Calibration curves in total 250 assays, 10 calibrations per assay, 10 cal ibrations per reagent lot  
Stored test results up to 10 000 samples  
QC methods Westgard multi-rule, L-J  
Cross mixing available (creation of mixing curve)  
Aggregometry available  
Clot waveform analysis available with 1st and 2nd derivatives (research use only)