“Sterilization training for endoscopic instrument”

“Sterilization training for endoscopic instrument”

From Apr 23rd, 2018 to Apr 27th 2018, “Sterilization training for endoscopic instrument” training has been successfully organized by Proliance LLC.

The training included approximately 160 doctors, surgeons, and nurses from public and private hospitals in addition to hospitals from urban and rural area. The training was taught by Elena Bazhenova Marketing Manager of MTP from Karl Storz GmbH, specializing in disposable medical products; care, sterilization, and disinfection; KARL STORZ Nurse School. The training was translated by Dr. Sonor, from Medipas Hospital.

From April 23rd, 2018 to April 26th, 2018, the training has been held by visiting six hospitals. Specialist have been able to check each hospitals sterilization technique. The training was done on site for more practical teaching for the doctors and nurses. The onsite training has been held on the following hospitals:

  • UB Songdo
  • Intermed Hospital
  • First State Central Hospital
  • National Cancer Research Center
  • Second State Central Hospital
  • Mother and Child Healthcare Center

On Apr 27th, 2018 comprehensive training has been organized for  “Sterilization training for endoscopic instrument” at Gurvan Gal Hospital. The training has included doctors, surgeons, and nurses from approximately 20 public and private hospitals. The attendees have been certified by CME (Continuing medical education), making Proliance LLC the first private company to certify CME in medical field in year 2018.