2018.03.23, MEQAS “Mongolian External Quality Assessment Survey” seminar has been successfully organized at Third State Central Hospital, Mongolia.

On March, 23rd 2018, Seminar for MEQAS training has been successfully held at Third State Central Hospital.

For the 19th seminar for Hematology, Dr.Prof, Naran, Dr. Uranbaigal from MNUMS (Mongolian National University Medical Science general hospital), Dr. Bolor from Medipas Hospital

For the 13th seminar for Biochemistry, Dr. Delgermurun and Dr. Sumiya from Intermed Hospital, Dr. Bayrzaya from Third State Central Hospital, Dr.Uyanga from SOS Medica, Dr. Saruultuya from First State Central Hospital

For the 3rd seminar for Immunology, Dr. Tserendenjid from National Blood Center, have collaborated with scientists and specialist from Sysmex Corp, and have successfully organized the MEQAS seminar.

Seminar has gathered 140 doctors and 89 from the whole attendance were able to complete Hematology Photo Survey. Proliance LLC was able to certify 3 doctors whom were able to achieve more than 90% of the survey comparing to last event.
By attending International Quality Assesment, laboratories test results will come to one standarized level. In addition, hospitals will be able to compare test results with other laboratories in order see what level their result is.
It is commendable that MEQAS training has been operating in Mongolia for more than 10 years, and the number of laboratories being involved is increasing every year resulting in improvement of the laboratory results.