10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Proliance LLC establishment

October 4th of 2016 marked 10th year anniversary of Proliance business in Mongolia. Overcoming the 5-year long negative growth of the country’s economy, Proliance had much to celebrate.

Not only Proliance had demonstrated stable growth during the period with existing business units such as Sysmex, Karlstorz, and Yuskin, Proliance had also successfully launched new business unit with Diversey brand products as well as pharmaceutical brands from Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical (Japan) and Ichijiku Pharmaceutical (Japan) in recent years.

The anniversary event started with Strategy Alignment Meeting inviting all our brand partners from overseas. The event consisted of 1 day meeting, covering the topics of local economy and future opportunities, as well as friendly get-to-know-each other session between the representatives of each manufacturing brand. Needless to say, we had a pleasure of organizing very international gathering covering more than 5 nationalities of individuals.

One of the highlights of the event was the chance to strengthen our relationship through a short trip surrounded by Mongolian beautiful landscape.

In order to appreciate the significance of this milestone further, Proliance held overseas trip with our staff to Thailand, to experience the state of art service quality. As a service oriented company, the trip clearly made a strong impression on how we can improve on the mentality as service providers.

Last but not least, Proliance staff shared our birthday with all of our customers by personally delivering birthday cake to each of our customer at the year end.

Thank you for working with us in the first 10 years of our long journey ahead.

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