CUSA® Excel+ System

The first Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator System indicated for liver resection:

Limit bleeding, while preserving vessels and other healthy tissue

  • Lessens blood loss during the procedure
  • Precisely maintains integrity of critical blood vessels, without damage
  • Ensures safety without sacrificing speed


Multiple benefits for multiple procedures

  • Designed for use both in laparoscopic and in open surgical procedures
  • Minimizes length of the surgical wounds, need for blood transfusions and reduces biliary complications
  • Supports reduced length of hospital stay, length of procedure, and need for intraoperative blood transfusio

Enhances procedural efficiency by increasing precision and safety, while helping to reduce blood loss, without sacrificing speed

  • Optimizes tissue removal with powerful aspiration
  • Tissue Select® function is designed to enhance tissue selectivity and safety
  • ShearTip™ technology is designed for easy removal of fibrous or cirrhotic tissue
  • Brings together powerful aspiration, precise ablation, and cauterizing capabilities

Capabilities designed specifically to improve liver surgery, with excellent service and product support

  • Exclusive Tissue Select® function
  • Portfolio of tips to address procedural challenges
  • Built-in, best-in-class aspiration
  • Unique CEM™ module for hemostasis
  • Power to support high tissue-removal rate