CARESCAPE Monitor B850

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The CARESCAPE* Monitor B850 provides a dependable level of data continuity and integration across care areas.

  • Meet even the highest acuity patient needs and help ensure reliable results at every stage of patient care.
  • Customize the comprehensive set of parameters to integrate seamlessly and enable fast and accurate decision support.
    • Innovative gas and respiratory monitoring
    • Proven Marquette* ECG algorithm
    • Unique Adequacy of Anesthesia Concept for tailored anesthesia
  • Improve patient flow door-to-door while receiving the seamless data flow with CARESCAPE Gateway into HIS/EMR.
  • View data and get clinical intelligence from multiple sources: lab results, medications, MUSE* cardiology information system data, telemetry and more.
  • Connect to displays, printers, recording devices and other monitors for bed-to-bed viewing, or to data management software devices via a network.
  • Increase clinical workflow efficiency by customizing alarms to match the procedure or patient needs.
  • Easily train all staff experience levels on the intuitive user interface.
  • Leverage your existing network and protect your long-term investment with scalability, flexibility and upgradability.
  • Choose options for software, hardware, parameters and other capabilities to keep pace with technology without purchasing all new equipment.
  • Get in-person, remote or off-site service to keep your system running efficiently while lowering maintenance costs.