TASKI® swingo 455 B

The TASKI swingo 455 can be used in a wide variety of application areas. It is truly versatile for use in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail stores, kitchens, schools, and hospitals.

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Description TASKI swingo 455 B
Theoretical performance 1290 m2/h (13 885 ft/h)
Working width 43 cm (17 inch)
Squeegee width 69 cm (27 inch)
Tank volume 20L (5.3 gallon)
Rated voltage 24 V
Battery capacity /run time (nominal) 50 Ah/C5-1,5 hours
Machine weight ready for use 120 kg (265 lbs)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (machine only) 110 x 48 x 92 cm (43x19x37 inch)
Brush pressure 32 kg (71 lbs)
Sound level 68 dB(A) (with Eco-Mode 63 dB(A)