Electrolyte Analyzer with Ion-Selective Electrodes

SPOTCHEM EL is an electrolyte analysis system with capacity for total electrolyte analysis requirements in all fields.
Fast, accurate and simple electrolyte analysis of body fluids-essential in an emergency.

  • Whole blood, serum, plasma and urine can be measured with 22 ul
  • Two types of special twin-pipettes are available.
  • Easy calibration can be completed with magnetic card
  • Na, K, Cl are measured at the same time on the same E-Plate


Basic specifications:
Measurement principles Potentiometry, by ion-selective electrodes
Throughputs About 1 minute
Parameters Na, K, Cl
Warm-up –   About 1 minute (25°C)
Sample consumption –   ~22 ϻL
Sample –   Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine
Data storage volume –   50 measurements