The OPTI® CCA-TS2 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer:

  • Provides fast accurate results for blood gases, acid-base balance, electrolytes, ionized calcium, glucose, BUN and lactate.
  • Runs samples of whole bloodplasma and serum on single-use disposable cassettes.
  • Uses innovative optical technology.
  • Requires minimal maintenance


The OPTI CCA-TS2 single-use patient cassette includes these features:

  • Calibration of cassette beforesampling—eliminates losing sample if cassette calibration fails
  • Long cassette shelf life—6–12 months from the date of manufacture
  • Easy and safe maintenance
  • Safe disposal—waste is locked in the cassette
  • Maintenance-free operation—no electrodes
  • Zero standby cost—no reagents required
Basic specifications:
Measurement principles The OPTI® CCA-TS2 Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer is a microprocessor-based instrument that measures optical fluorescence from discreet sensors called optical electrodes (optodes)
Throughputs <120 seconds
Parameters pH, PCO2, PO2, tHb, SO2, Na+, K+, Ca++ , Cl-, GLU, BUN, LAC
Warm-up The analyzer warms the cassette to 37.0°C (±0.1°C)/98.6°F (±0.1°F)
Sample consumption 125 µL (60µL for B60 cassette)
Sample Whole blood, serum or plasma
Data storage volume 500 patient records

70 QC samples per level

105 SRC samples per level

300 user IDs and passwords