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After reaching the age of retirement, senior citizens often find themselves with little opportunity to maintain active and social lifestyles. A 2015 survey of over 500 elderly citizens in Ulaanbaatar revealed a dire need in Mongolia for senior social and medical care. To fulfill this demand, Proliance LLC has founded one of Mongolia’s first senior recreation providers in November of 2015: Quality Life NGO. This non-profit organization is currently operating senior daycare service, Quality Life Club, at its government donated facilities in several districts of Ulaanbaatar.

Quality Life Club is a social-based daycare that provides seniors with the opportunity to engage with peers, their community, and exercise their bodies and minds. Many of the elders that attend this organization are retirees of demanding professions, including doctors, lawyers, and teachers, all of whom desire occasion to utilize their intellectual abilities. The Quality Life Club gives seniors exactly that chance. The Club currently hosts about 20 participants during an organized program from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. once a week in 4 locations.

Members are invited to socialize and befriend each other in an engaging setting. The seniors play intellectual card and board games that encourage use of their minds and cognitive skills. The games also provide friendly competition that invokes enthusiasm and motivation, which are positive enforcers of activity. These games incorporate use of math, reasoning, memory, and reflex skills. They are also available for sale for the members and their families and friends to enjoy at home. Also through games and relaxed instruction, the seniors are given enjoyable lessons in English language and speaking skills. After free time to socialize, snack, and play the games unsupervised, the Club brings in guest speakers that discuss interesting topics concerning senior lifestyle and health.

The response to this program has been overwhelmingly positive from its participants and their families, who are thrilled that they finally have the chance to be active and involved with others even after retirement. The NGO’s slogan is “Quality of Life for Everyone”, which is exactly what the Club endeavors to provide for senior citizens. All the activities in the Club’s program encourage a healthy and dynamic senior lifestyle.

Proliance LLC saw it as both a good business opportunity and moral responsibility to meet the needs of Mongolia’s senior population. Proliance LLC and Quality Life NGO’s board is passionate about pioneering senior care service in Mongolia upholding international standards.  In 2017, 2 organizations are collaborating to support seniors to have meaningful jobs and share their extensive knowledge and experience with other businesses and community members.

For more information about the NGO, please visit Facebook account “Quality Life Club UB”